wedding inspiration boards

Look at all this work I did pre-pinterest!  I was cleaning out the files on my computer and found all of these wedding inspiration boards I used as a guide for decisions.  Funny thing is it took me hours to search for all of this inspiration.  Brides really do have an advantage now with the ever growing pinterest at their disposal.

I apologize for my bad blogger form, I'm not able to site where all of these came from.  Hopefully you can forgive me, it won't happen again!


wine cork board

What can I say,  we like wine!

This is actually my second attempt at this wine cork board.  For the first round I used white foam core for the backing and didn't really plan out the placement of my corks... major fail!  For the second round I used black foam core for the backing and tested the placement of the corks before glueing.

Ok so super simple directions:
1. Cut your selected corks in half (I'm not going to lie, this part is labor intensive!)
2. Hot glue foam core backing to your selected frame. 
3. Lay corks in your desired pattern starting from the center outward.  
4. Hot glue halved corks to the foam core backing.

One other suggestion: Use 3M Command Strips to hang the frame, otherwise every time you push/remove thumb tacks the frame will move.  Eventually annoying you enough to stop using the cork board for its intended purpose.