halloween porch

I have another decorated front porch for ya'all.  If fact this has become my recent obsession and I already have the "fall" porch supplies ready to go when halloween is over.  In true diy fashion there were a few other crafts I wanted to add to this themed porch, but no time to do them!

Here we have the upcycled rag wreath.  I really enjoy making these as you can see this in my second one; my first was the valentines version.

This time I used my husbands old black jersey t-shirts and black cotton pants, cut into strips.  Score! No trip to the fabric store; only to Michaels for the box wire wreath frame.

The craft pumpkins were also upcyled.  I rescued them from a thrift store pile, sprayed them, and then used acrylic paint to decorate.

This lantern and the chandelier you see in the other photo were decorations from our wedding.  Love that I get to reuse them all year long! {Steamer trunk was free in the alley, see this post}

And my favorite craft for this themed porch... the upcylced pennant flag banner! Again I used old clothing, hemp twine and the zig zag setting on my sewing to create this customizable banner.  

Oh and all this inspiration found on Pinterest of course!

pink sugar


halloween s'mores

Pin'd it and Did it!  First holiday at my new job, time to reward the team with a little spooky treat.  Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration photo you see here.

southern vogue via pinterest  
1. To start be sure to get the Honey Maid Fresh Stacks!  They are wrapped in smaller packages and it will save you the hassle of breaking the bars in two.

2. Next up you need your marshmallow ghosts made by Peeps.

3. Lastly don't forget those mini Hershey's bars.

4. Place them in your cellophane bag like so.

And there you go, a cute spooky treat with a creative twist.  Trust me the reaction is worth the effort, I was even asked if I made the marshmallow ghost! uh no.

p.s. Target was my one stop shop for the ingredients in this post, including the polka dot cellophane bags.  The ribbon was however upcycled.


paula's choice

Once in awhile I think I will do these posts on things I buy regularly only because I know a good recommendation is always appreciated!

I hate to bring up this particular part of my past, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who struggled with acne well beyond my teenage years.  My dear mother tried so hard to help me; knowing the blemishes really put an damper on my self-esteem.  I made countless visits to the dermatologist, tried every single thing on the market and never really experienced truly clear skin until I tried Paula's Choice. I discovered her products on a very cool website called makeupalley.  The reviews were so overwhelming I had to give it a try.  

I've tried some of the makeup, not very impressed.  It's the skincare that I have fallen in love with.  I use all of these products regularly and I would consider the first few as essential.

my am cleanser
clear normalizing cleanser
must have toner
skin balancing toner
the best daily lotion i have ever used
skin balancing daily mattifying lotion
spf 15 & antioxidants

this bottle will last you awhile
gentle touch makeup remover
a nice treat to your routine
skin balancing super antioxidant
mattifying concentrate

perfect for the bikini line ;)
skin relief treatment
great product for controlling oil
skin balancing carbon mask
extra moisture that won't leave you greasy

skin recovery hydrating treatment mask
my pm cleanser
hydralight one step facial cleanser
if i have really dry skin i use this
skin recovery moisturizer
Here's the thing and I need to say it... the beauty of this product line is the ability to customize to meet your skincare needs.  Read the descriptions and experiment, you can return items if they don't work for you.  Enjoy and let me know how it goes!


mr. and mrs. roundy {1 year anniversary}

Happy 1 year anniversary mr. roundy.  I'm glad there's 3 simple words to describe all that I feel for you; I love you.