how the BOYZ were asked...

Do you ever have one of those moments were you feel like someone completely gets why you do what you do?  When mr. roundy asked me for a creative way to ask his groomsmen to be in our wedding I almost DIED (in a good way)!  But of course I didn't show him my excitement; he would have called me crazy and abandoned the request all together.  Instead I let him know I would think about it.  You know what that meant…I hit the blogs for ideas!  And this is what I proposed…

Much to my surprise he liked them!  First I downloaded the template from The Wedding Chicks. Our intention was to have the boys fill out the card and return them to us. So I went to Michaels and bought notecards in black with a matching sized envelope. I then purchased another set of slightly bigger envelopes to place the previous set in.  Originally we wanted black envelopes but I read a LOT of reviews on how difficult they are to mail, so that idea was scraped.  The final touch on the exterior envelope was this custom monogram also found on The Wedding Chicks.

In the end this is how they came back to us...

Just a little something to note.  We neglected to indicate on the card which groomsman we sent it to.  This forced us to do some postmark investigation to figure out who the returned cards originated from.  It was quite comical!


leo carrillo

Here are some impressive photos mr. roundy took at our wedding venue. 

cake topper

My mom created these adorable cake toppers out of salt and pepper shakers she found at a thrift store.

First she filled the holes on top of their heads with putty and lightly colored over the fillings with a sharpie that best matched their hair color.  Next she crafted a blusher veil on ms. rounds and a little flower boutonniere on mr. roundy. 

My absolute favorite part about these two is that I am blonde and mr. roundy is brunette….how perfect!  Oh and did I mention they only cost $4?


mrs. roundy hanger

I bought this…

To do something like this…

So flipping cute!  This custom hanger was bought on LilaFrances's Esty shop.  What you don't know about Etsy?  It's amazing.


shoe clips

Here's a little something fun for a Sunday morning!  Vintage earrings turned into shoe clips.

During my last visit to Missouri the women of my family spent a morning antiquing.  My mom found a cute little shop with quite a few clip-on earrings she thought might look nice on the shoes of the bridal party.  At first I was very indecisive, concerned I would need to plan outfits around the accessories, then the opportunity for adorable shoe photos hit me and I purchased one set for each of my girls… including myself!

While playing around with them the other night, a friend placed the clips to the side (pinky toe side), they looked fantastic! SO glad I made the decision to purchase.  p.s. these are my bridal shoes, hoping to purchase the slightly darker ones for the bridal party.


vintage thank u's

These little gems just made their way out to mailboxes yesterday.

Here's how I did it:
The photos of the vintage ladies were upcycled from my bridal shower decorations.  I placed them on blank cards from Michaels (rather innexpensive with a coupon) with glue tape and photo corners; super easy.  Next I combined unmounted rubber stamps to my medium sized acrylic block to create the "Thank You" with a border.

I then started the heat embossing process. After dabbing the stamp on the ink pad I quickly stamped the card and sprinkled embossing powder over the design.  Next I tapped off the remaining powder into my handy tray and exhaled a couple of strong breaths to make sure there was absolutely no stray embossing powder.  Lastly I turned on my heat gun and miraculously watched the embossing powder turn solid!

This was my very first time heat embossing.  I learned of this style craft from, can you imagine, a wedding blog.  After watching a youtube video on the how-to's I decided to give it a try.  I am really pleased with the outcome, however next time I will use clear embossing powder.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not get rid of the leftover powder on the card and it ended up looking a little messy.  I think some experimenting is in order but I am totally addicted!


mommy mafia shower

Liberty, Missouri
Saturday, May 30, 2010

My mother and her friends are affectionately known as the "mommy mafia".  This awesome group of women recently threw me a shower in Missouri.  So my maid of honor and I flew out Memorial Day weekend for a vintage tea party themed shower.  Here are some highlights...

Pretty much the cutest invitations ever!

There it is… my rehearsal bouquet!  I really had some beautiful ribbons on my packages.  The super cute wooden blocks with our wedding date were also from a package.

We played a hilarious 1950's housewife fill-in-the-blank game.  Some of the answers really cracked me up!

And the winner for most creative gift goes to this cute little guy! "Chanchito" from Ten Thousand Villages.


i ❤ 1st's

My new obsession - wedding blogs. I wake up, make a cup of joe, avoid the gym and go through my bookmarked collection of about 15 wedding blogs. And more often than not I tell myself to start my own…. so here we are. Who knows who will read this (most likely my family) but who cares! At least I can add this to my list of 1st's this year.

If you care to join my obsession, here's what I enjoy with my morning coffee: