what we've been eating

{mounds bar} This one was a little labor intensive... but SO WORTH the effort.  Original recipe via pinterest can be found here.

the nourishing gourmet

{tofu banh mi}  Banh Mi's have simply taken over our neighborhood in San Diego.  It seems every amazing restaurant in our small suburb called North Park has a variation of this sandwich on the menu.  Due to our new outlook on meat, we have yet to try the original version calling for pork.  Using tofu in this recipe peaked my attention, and when I saw the Sriricha sauce on the ingredients list I knew this sandwich would be delicious.  And goodness it is!  Thank you eat, live, run for yet another amazing recipe.

{buttermilk-blueberry breakfast cake} Sometimes you just need something to get you through the morning, especially at work.  This breakfast cake worked for mr. roundy.  Recipe found on alexandra's kitchen.

{berry mascarpone pancakes} Well hopefully you realize we didn't make these recipes all in one week.  We made these pancakes for dinner one night, the sauce is particularly yummy!  Thank you picky cook for the recipe.

{black bean tacos with feta and cabbage slaw} Due to an accidental purchase of a head of cabbage at the farmers market (meant to get cauliflower, not sure what I was thinking) I had to find a simple recipe that would eat up that all that cabbage.  Thank you once again, picky cook, this recipe will be a new staple in our home.  

{maple glazed salmon with roasted brussel sprouts} Yes I sure did save the best recipe for last!  This is simply amazing, make it tonight. period. Recipe found here

p.s. we get our whole grain mustard at trader joes.


valentines tradition

Here's a shot of our yearly tradition, originally talked about in this post.  We've traded off filling this box of See's candy since 2005!  The mr. took the turn this year.  And even though you are expecting it; it still feels special.


quick valentines

We are out the door for our weekend outdoor adventure... but I wanted to be sure to show you two easy valentine crafts you could whip up in no time!

Using old book pages, or scrap book paper of your choice either punch or cut out heart shapes.  Simply double up the hearts and feed them through your sewing machine to your desired length!  If you don't have a sewing machine, don't worry, just glue the string in between your two stacked hearts.

Using inspiration from family chic and a photo I found on Pinterest, I set out to the hardware store to find the materials they suggested.  I wasn't impressed with the reinforced clothesline so I used some old floral wire I had at the house and wrapped it with yarn of my choice.  Super simple, and really cute!


heart ruffle wreath {tutorial}

I used this tutorial to make the ruffle wreath seen below.  Nice and simple, made from white sheets I bought at a thrift store.

Then a year later I repurposed the wreath for Christmas with a little upcyled ribbon. But I noticed a lot of the pins were coming out and causing the wreath to "thin".

When I sought out to make the heart ruffle wreath I vowed to skip the tedious pins and go straight to the hot glue gun... genius!  

I started out with a straw heart wreath frame because I found it at a thrift store, but I am sure you could use a styrofoam one as well.  Next step, cut out about a bazillion circles in the fabric of your choice.  I used old t-shirts, and as you can see they weren't all the same shade of red.  That doesn't matter as long as you mix the shades up so they aren't concentrated in one area of the wreath. 

Fold your circle in half as seen here.

And in half again.

Take your 1/4 folded circle and hot glue it to the wreath.  Continue this step until your wreath has reached your desired thickness.

Because the circle cutting is time consuming, I opted not to continue the ruffles around the back side of the wreath.  I instead covered the back with a strip of fabric in the same t-shirt material.


88th birthday party

Happy Birthday to THE BEST employee I've ever had, Helen Porter.  The work ethic of this woman astounds me!  I've been blessed with some amazing help in my career, but this one takes the cake...ha.
photo party hats
black flag printable from hank and hunt

free printable from hank and hunt
I love wrapping presents!
hand stamped paper from Nepal
jersey rosette from our wedding