bridesmaid dresses

All of the dresses will be in the color "quarry" as shown on the bottom half of the first dress.

watters and watters style 4423
watters and watters style 2486
watters and watters style 4826
watters and watters style 4417


mercury glass

I just may be obsessed… with imitation mercury glass!  As soon as I was engaged I started hunting for my centerpieces. One night while shopping at TJ Maxx (another obsession) I discovered mercury glass.  The rest is history, I've been picking up pieces here and there since October of last year.  Here are some pics of my collection…

No centerpiece arrangement will be the same.  We also plan to have candles in some of the pieces and flowers in others.

And here are my inspiration photos...



balsa wood flowers

Let's talk bridal party bouquets today. So during my recent blog hunts I've noticed a lot of brides using these "wood" flowers in their bouquets.

style me pretty
style me pretty
Come to find out these adorable paper like flowers are handmade in Thailand using ecologically sustainable tapioca wood that never wilts, dies or fades.  And finally after a lot of online hunting I found them on a website we've already been using for wedding items Save-on-Crafts.

Not sure yet how I will incorporate them into our bouquets, but they are way too adorable to pass up!  For reference, here are two inspiration images for my bridesmaid bouquets…

As for the bride, I would like an all white bouquet.  Maybe something like this with the balsa wood flowers instead of the greenery…


the statement necklace

Sneak peak into my bridal ensemble.  The statement necklace…

My mom first spotted this necklace at Banana Republic.  When I went to purchase it they were no longer available.  After a lot of online hunting I found this one for the same price on Ebay!



Sorry folks mr. roundy and I have been very busy securing vendors these past few days.  So far we booked the DJ and our wedding cake.

We also met with several (some not so good!) catering companies and have narrowed it down to two.

Can't decide between Carne Asada from El Indio

or Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip from Coast Catering by Barry Layne.

Voting is encouraged!


save the dates

A couple of months ago mr. roundy and I spent one loooong evening making our Save-the-Dates.  First we hunted for inspiration and this is what we came up with…

We soon realized although we really liked the vintage postcard look, designing the front of the card would be a lot of work.  So mr. roundy got creative with some of his photos taken at the wedding venue. Here you see the original…

After editing the photo using Aperture for Mac we created a watercolor like image...

As for the back of the postcard we tried our best to make it identical to the inspiration STD.  One of our bridesmaids recommended a blog for free fonts called Kevin and Amanda. Oh my goodness their blog is amazing and truly made that part of designing the Save-the-Dates effortless!


ring bearer pillow

My Aunt has offered to make my hankie dreams come true! She is going to craft my ring bearer pillow out of a vintage handkerchief.  I narrowed it down to these two choices…

After laying them out and fretting for some time over which one to use, I finally decided the simpler the better. So the winner is…

Of course when its all done I will post some pics.  For now here are some photos of what we are going for.

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