birthday party for mr. roundy

I threw mr. roundy a little birthday party at a local pizza joint. The theme was black & white photography.  There were lots of photos of him through the years, in black & white of course, and a few old school party treats to make this party a success!

mason jar photo frames
carrot cake {cupcakes} with cream cheese frosting
old school pinwheels and party blowers
the happy birthday boy
Stay tuned, tutorials on the following party details to come:

- photo party hats
- carrot cake {cupcakes} with cream cheese frosting

bouddhanath stupa cake

This is Bouddhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal.  The mr. and I visited this buddhist stupa on our honeymoon.

This is the cake I had made for the mr.'s birthday.

I mean how cool is that cake?!  Thank you Cecelia (to the right of mr. roundy) for such amazing work and agreeing to my crazy concept.  In case you were wondering it tastes delicious.


children of nepal

While camping in a village in Nepal we were fortunate to meet the local children.  The girls were very friendly and came up to me and another female camper.  They were very interested in 1. any books we had with pictures 2. our cameras and the pictures on them 3. they loved to pose for pictures and perform for us.  Funny thing was as soon as a male would approach our circle they would dash.

looking at photos in a book
looking at photos on a camera

Here's the boys on the other side of camp wanting nothing to do with the girls!

p.s. Thank you for your patience with the videos. I'm still a beginner blogger and hope to make better videos one day!



I discovered this really cool app that helped me create the look-a-like polaroid photos you see below.

It's cleverly called the poladroid, and the best part is its free!

We started by scanning our childhood photos, used the poladroid image making program, printed the result on cardstock paper, cut them to size and hung them on the string for a nice decorative touch to the window.


Removable clips to hold sting - Command Decorating Clips
Hemp twine
Mini clothespins - Woodsies Clothespins from Michaels

{wedding photos by Heidi O Photo}


a crafty to-do list

Sorry I haven't posted any crafts in awhile.  The to-do list is so long, some projects have been started and others have not.  Here's what I'm working on...

flamingo toes
itz fitz

v and co. for moda bake shop


pottery barn

and I think this is just a great idea...

family chic


inspiration to reality: directional signs

The walk from the parking lot to our ceremony & reception location was rather long so I knew I needed directional signs.  I absolutely fell in love with the font on the sign below and used it as the main inspiration for our signs.

clayton austin via green wedding shoes
I salvaged some wood that was destined for the land fill, had the mr. cut it down to size, stained it and used white acrylic paint for the words.  All in all I feel I created a pretty accurate replica of the inspiration.

I was concerned the ground would be too hard to hammer the stake into so I opted for the galvanized french pails (with bricks in the bottom) topped with approximately 7 apples.  Why apples?  Because they were on sale and the budget was tight!

{wedding photos by Heidi O Photo}