inspiration to reality: ceremony aisle

I held onto this inspiration photo for a long time in the hopes that I would be able to implement either the lace on the back of the chairs or the crystals hanging from the umbrella.

Well on a lucky thrift store shopping day I scored a HUGE bag of lace for $6.  I used that lace plus some ribbon bought at the dollar tree to dress the back of the ceremony chairs.

As for the fabric flowers strewn down the aisle... honestly I have no idea how that all came about.  I remember I was having a hard time grasping the price tag of real rose petals and I just couldn't see silk petals working with our theme.  So as I discussed in this post I just started sewing up fabric flowers and I couldn't be happier with the results.  

And last but not least the reserved seating signs!  Here they are in all their glory...

{wedding photos by Heidi O Photo}


LakeMom said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

kellie said...

I am curious as to where you bought the gray straws for the mason jars!?! BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! So now that your wedding is over, what are you planning on doing with all those amazing fabric flowers?

mrs. roundy said...

Kellie -- I purchased the gray straws from a vendor on Etsy, her shop is called 62 Cards {www.etsy.com/shop/62Cards}. There are many vendors out there for the paper straws, I was under time constraints so I went with her shop. I guess my point is you may be able to find a better deal?

Anonymous -- Not sure what to do with all of those flowers just yet :). I spent a lot of time crafting them, in fact I watched the entire "Nip Tuck" SERIES on Netflix while making them. Who knows maybe there will be a roundy rounds etsy shop next! Thanks for asking though.

Anonymous said...

Please post a comment if you decide to open an etsy shop for those. If the price is right, I could be interested!

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