firecracker cans

Well happy 4th to everyone!  All the sudden its summer in San Diego and my white legs are making their yearly appearance.  By the end of the summer I will finally see some color on them, but its a long process I dread every year.

We've been rather busy at the roundy household with gardening projects, decorating, starting more crafts than I can finish, out of town company and special events at work.  All of those have a story and I plan to blog about them the coming week. But for now I was able to finish one project; the 4th of July firecracker cans.  Aren't they cute?

Simple directions:
1. Wash your cans
2. With the use of hot glue wrap the can with your choice of paper.  I added the ribbon trim to disguise my uneven cutting job.  side note: I experimented with a rotary cutter and that darn thing was sharp, lets just say a couple of the lines went off track!
3. Hot glue your desired ribbon inside the open end of the can.
3. Hammer 2 holes in the top of the can to thread string through.

Thank you to Random Thoughts of a Supermom and Crafty Welder Chick for the inspiration!


Anonymous said...

Love them! Let's hope the mailman doesn't steal them.
-Mom :)

crafty welder chick said...

I love the way they turned out. The ribbon trim really finshes them.

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