front porch

This is a lesson on what you can do with free crap!

{round 1} the alley chair.  My mom and I were on a week long thrift store, swap meet shopping spree.  We stopped by a local reclaimed furniture shop only to be disappointed with their lack of stock in the storefront.  On our exit down the nearby alley, I made an abrupt stop.  My mom, very confused, asked what I was doing.  I ignored her inquiry, proceeded to open the trunk and threw in this awesome, FREE chair.  It's exactly what I wanted for the porch!

{round 2} the alley suitcase.  Down the alley I went one morning on my way to work when I found myself in a familiar situation opening the trunk of my car.  You see it's a love-hate relationship with the alley behind our home.  I love that I found this awesome suitcase otherwise destined for the landfill.  But I hate when people dump couches, mattresses, la-z-boys, etc. expecting others to take care of their waste. Well anyway, there are so many things I can do with this suitcase.  And it was FREE so who cares if it gets a little weather worn!  

{round 3} the diy yarn wreath.  Pretty much the easiest fool-proof craft out there.  Took me longer to decide how to do the ruffle adornment than it did to wrap the yarn around the straw form. Inspiration found here. Tutorial here. The yarn is from Michaels and the gray felt for the ruffle is from a thrift store SCORE!

{round 4} the flower clothespin.  Left over from my nephews baby shower, I use this clothespin to attach out going mail to the mailbox.  Funny thing (or not) this is the second one I've put out...someone stole the first one (mail person?).  


crafty welder chick said...

I love the suitcase! Kinda wish I had a alley behind my house......

crafty welder chick said...

and the yarn wreath is beautiful! and the chair too! I LOVE your blog!

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