holiday porch

Its continuing to be a busy month for us!  The porch is a little light on creativeness but 1. its decorated and 2. for cheap!  The only item I purchase was the poinsettia, everything else was owned or upcycled.

And yes, that is the same wreath I made for our wedding.  I just removed the burlap bow and added a holiday themed one.

And the best part of this post today is my craft FAIL!  I thought I could pull off a hybrid of these two pins.  

be different act normal

lucys designs

You see those trees in the post above?  Those are garland wrapped tomato cages!  Yup this smart cookie thought why not just wrap tomato cages with lights, it should look like the wreath above right?  Um no...

Ha!  The mr. and I were cracking up at how ugly it was.  Oh well, at least it didn't cost me a thing! merry Christmas everyone, the roundys

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Anonymous said...

I think I like this porch the best. So simple but with a great punch of the hoildays! Mom

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