harry potter shower

Woo hoo its a harry potter themed baby shower!  I was honored when asked to help out with decorations for a coworkers baby shower.  Keep in mind, I've never read the books and can barely stay awake during the movies (sorry mrs. rowling and, weird your initials are the same as my hubby and I, jkr).  Huge props to pinterest for the ideas!!

hogwarts express platform 9 3/4

I swear that owl was more popular than the mommy
heh a fireplace!

ollivanders printable from dirt & sunshine
printable label from dirt & sunshine
printable label from dirt & sunshine
"they're not birds! they're keys! winged keys." harry potter
It wouldn't be a baby shower without a diaper cake!

Interestingly enough I did most of the decoration "shopping" in my own home.  Who knew I had so many potterish items?  Everything else was either upcycled or purchased at a thrift store.  I was super stoked when I found the flying broom at my favorite thrift store ($4 score!).  And when the mr. was trimming the trees in the backyard I snatched them up before he could use them for kindling.  Also big thanks to the friend who let me borrow the very popular owl.


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Awesome job!


Denise at SunKissed Studio said...

Sooo cute. You are a talented lady! Hope you'll drop by for my February Craft O' the Month!

zerry ht said...

Wonderful post!! Amazing arrangements. Want to prepare my friend’s baby shower at one of Venues in San Francisco. She will love it for sure. Will be hosting it at one of Venues in San Francisco. Hope to arrange a memorable shower.

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