balsa wood flowers

Let's talk bridal party bouquets today. So during my recent blog hunts I've noticed a lot of brides using these "wood" flowers in their bouquets.

style me pretty
style me pretty
Come to find out these adorable paper like flowers are handmade in Thailand using ecologically sustainable tapioca wood that never wilts, dies or fades.  And finally after a lot of online hunting I found them on a website we've already been using for wedding items Save-on-Crafts.

Not sure yet how I will incorporate them into our bouquets, but they are way too adorable to pass up!  For reference, here are two inspiration images for my bridesmaid bouquets…

As for the bride, I would like an all white bouquet.  Maybe something like this with the balsa wood flowers instead of the greenery…


Cathy E. said...

Love these balsa wood flowers!

ANNE said...

I so needed you last year when planning Sarah's wedding she would have jumped on this and the great thing is they remind me of a (excuse the s.p.) rhanunculis ?? that never do well in heat but are a wonderful wedding flower.
Anne N.

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