Sorry folks mr. roundy and I have been very busy securing vendors these past few days.  So far we booked the DJ and our wedding cake.

We also met with several (some not so good!) catering companies and have narrowed it down to two.

Can't decide between Carne Asada from El Indio

or Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip from Coast Catering by Barry Layne.

Voting is encouraged!


Anonymous said...

I am a big Tri Tip fan and have not had this since we lived out there but those Carne Asada's look amazing! Tough call
Anne N.

Anonymous said...

Either one looks amazing! Cannot wait for your big day!

Liberty, MO

lindyacker said...

You know what my vote is for. Love, Mom

Mama Bailey said...


Anonymous said...


Misty said...

El Indio is soo yummy!! That other one looks really pretty and yummy too though

Aunt Char said...

Wow comments not really narrowing your choice down. i have to say they both look delish, but I am a tri-tip girl all the way. Plus less chance for a messy mishap.

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