halloween s'mores

Pin'd it and Did it!  First holiday at my new job, time to reward the team with a little spooky treat.  Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration photo you see here.

southern vogue via pinterest  
1. To start be sure to get the Honey Maid Fresh Stacks!  They are wrapped in smaller packages and it will save you the hassle of breaking the bars in two.

2. Next up you need your marshmallow ghosts made by Peeps.

3. Lastly don't forget those mini Hershey's bars.

4. Place them in your cellophane bag like so.

And there you go, a cute spooky treat with a creative twist.  Trust me the reaction is worth the effort, I was even asked if I made the marshmallow ghost! uh no.

p.s. Target was my one stop shop for the ingredients in this post, including the polka dot cellophane bags.  The ribbon was however upcycled.

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