halloween porch

I have another decorated front porch for ya'all.  If fact this has become my recent obsession and I already have the "fall" porch supplies ready to go when halloween is over.  In true diy fashion there were a few other crafts I wanted to add to this themed porch, but no time to do them!

Here we have the upcycled rag wreath.  I really enjoy making these as you can see this in my second one; my first was the valentines version.

This time I used my husbands old black jersey t-shirts and black cotton pants, cut into strips.  Score! No trip to the fabric store; only to Michaels for the box wire wreath frame.

The craft pumpkins were also upcyled.  I rescued them from a thrift store pile, sprayed them, and then used acrylic paint to decorate.

This lantern and the chandelier you see in the other photo were decorations from our wedding.  Love that I get to reuse them all year long! {Steamer trunk was free in the alley, see this post}

And my favorite craft for this themed porch... the upcylced pennant flag banner! Again I used old clothing, hemp twine and the zig zag setting on my sewing to create this customizable banner.  

Oh and all this inspiration found on Pinterest of course!

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