valentines rag wreath

This wreath represents a personal victory; I bought just enough fabric to get the job done!  I cannot tell you how many times I've bought too much fabric or had to return for more.  So if you've been in either situation you must know how satisfied I am right now.

The process...

Google search {rag wreaths} and you will see there are many inspirations, methods and tutorials out there.  I particularly enjoyed the tutorial on this blog because she used the same box wire wreath frame I used for the diaper wreath.  If its not obvious by now I jump on any opportunity to repurpose an item!

I started with 3/8 yard of each fabric.  There were 4 fabrics in this wreath: 2 polka dot, 1 stripped and 1 solid.  I simply cut my fabric into 1.5" wide x 7" long strips.  These dimension were decided by trial and error.  Experiment with your dimensions to meet the size and desired fullness of your wreath.

After cutting the strips I simply tied them around the box wire wreath frame.  No knot or double wrapping around the wire required.  Here you can see the back of the wreath.

As simple as that!


crafty welder chick said...

I love this! and now thanks to you I will be at the fabric shop after work ;) hahaa!!

Anonymous said...

Very creative!

mrs. roundy said...

crafty welder chick- JoAnn's has some good deals right now. I only spent $5 on fabric.

Jessica said...

Thanks for joining the party over on Sew Homegrown! Very cute wreath.

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