heart ruffle wreath {tutorial}

I used this tutorial to make the ruffle wreath seen below.  Nice and simple, made from white sheets I bought at a thrift store.

Then a year later I repurposed the wreath for Christmas with a little upcyled ribbon. But I noticed a lot of the pins were coming out and causing the wreath to "thin".

When I sought out to make the heart ruffle wreath I vowed to skip the tedious pins and go straight to the hot glue gun... genius!  

I started out with a straw heart wreath frame because I found it at a thrift store, but I am sure you could use a styrofoam one as well.  Next step, cut out about a bazillion circles in the fabric of your choice.  I used old t-shirts, and as you can see they weren't all the same shade of red.  That doesn't matter as long as you mix the shades up so they aren't concentrated in one area of the wreath. 

Fold your circle in half as seen here.

And in half again.

Take your 1/4 folded circle and hot glue it to the wreath.  Continue this step until your wreath has reached your desired thickness.

Because the circle cutting is time consuming, I opted not to continue the ruffles around the back side of the wreath.  I instead covered the back with a strip of fabric in the same t-shirt material.

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