quick valentines

We are out the door for our weekend outdoor adventure... but I wanted to be sure to show you two easy valentine crafts you could whip up in no time!

Using old book pages, or scrap book paper of your choice either punch or cut out heart shapes.  Simply double up the hearts and feed them through your sewing machine to your desired length!  If you don't have a sewing machine, don't worry, just glue the string in between your two stacked hearts.

Using inspiration from family chic and a photo I found on Pinterest, I set out to the hardware store to find the materials they suggested.  I wasn't impressed with the reinforced clothesline so I used some old floral wire I had at the house and wrapped it with yarn of my choice.  Super simple, and really cute!


Cathy E. said...

So very pretty; Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Aunt Char said...

Kris - you are so clever! I love the bird cage candle holder. Did you make that?

mrs. roundy said...

Aunt Char- the chicken wire candle holder was a clearance item score at TJ Maxx. Used it on the wedding guestbook table.

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